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Dog Boarding

Welcome to the dog house, that you will want to stay in yourself! Every family that stays with us will have their own private inside kennel for sleeping, eating, and having nap times during the day, as well as their own private grassy, sunny, and shady play yards, all separated by chain link fencing varying from 5’ to 7’ tall, and we do have the ability to accommodate exceptionally athletic canines with over head cable runners so that you may sleep soundly knowing that your family member will stay safe with us. Our doggy guests will enjoy 6-8 hours a day of outdoor activity, weather permitting, for fetching, sniffing, playing, and soaking up all the love we have to offer. Learn more about what our dog boarding maui can offer your pet today! Your Canid will thank you when you pick them up!

Cat Boarding

Come on in and take a look at our remodeled cat house facility. Your feline friend will love his or her luxury kitty apartment, with four floors to climb up and down, and a private ‘basement’ area for their lavatory. We understand how territorial your kitty friend can be, which is why all of the apartments are separated by privacy side walls, so that your family member can be as comfortable as possible while they are staying with us in their home away from home. They will love taking turns being kings and queens of the cat house throughout the day, and getting brushing, play time, and hugs from us. Set up your cat boarding on maui today!

Exotic Pet Boarding

Looking for someone to care for your special little friend while you are away? Our staff is qualified and happy to care for all forms of exotic pets, so you can rest easily knowing that your feathery, or scaled family member is well taken care of while you are away. We have bird cages that we can provide for our Avian friends that stay with us, and condos for other little furry mammals to stay in as well. Scurry over to see what maui exotic boarding is all about!

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