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Aloha and Hele Mai to The Ohana Animal Inn, Maui’s finest and most long running pet boarding facility, providing loving, professional care to all of our islands furry, feathery, and scaled children for over 35 years. Allow your loved one to stay with us, and enjoy a fun filled, relaxing vacation of their own while you are away with where ever your travels take you, and rest easily knowing that your Canid, Felid, Avian, or other exotic pet is well cared for by our loving and dependable staff. Dive into the links below for information on having your family becoming members of our Ohana.

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Dog Boarding

Looking for a place for your Canine companion(s) to play and rest while you are away? Look no further and jump on in to get started!

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Cat Boarding

Have a Feline friend that is in need of a safe, comfortable home away from home while you are away? Come into the Cat house and have a look for yourself!

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Exotic Pet

Avian, Reptilian, & other small Mammalians need not feel left out! We are more than happy to provide loving care to all critters while they are under our roof.

Estimate boarding your animal today!

Lukas Faber

"Awesomeness... Best place to leave your dogs on Maui. We love it and our dogs too."


Ruby Kaiama

"Keanu had a great time, he'll be staying there for the next trip."


Lisa Garcia

"Reasonably priced, friendly staff and my dogs love to stay there."

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